Soil pH and texture are two key chemical and physical indicators of a healthy soil. pH is a measurement of the acidity or alkalinity and influences nutrient availability and plant growth. Soil texture refers to the ratio of sand, silt, and clay-size particles or "separates" in the soil. Soil texture is important because it influences several other soil characteristics, including structure, water holding capacity (the ability of a soil to hold water), air, cation exchange capacity, nutrient retention and availability. Understanding the significance of the relationship between soil pH and soil texture and their impact on soil quality, R Squared Diagnostics has designed a kit for rapid field testing of these two soil properties.


R Squared Diagnostics Soil pH (short-range pH 4.5 to 8.5) and Texture Test Kit

Product Description:

The Soil pH and Texture Test Kit consists of a small plastic carrying case for field portability and testing. The inside lid and base of the case contain a soil pH color chart (inside lid) and textural color chart (inside base) for visual test result interpretation. The pH test components include three 5 ml plastic molded tubes from premium FDA approved food & laboratory grade polymers. Each tube contains 15 pH papers that are protected with a tube cap that has two flexible flanges to help ensure a leak proof seal. A larger 20 ml clear plastic vial (with blue cap) serves as the reaction vessel for adding soil and water samples. Also included is a customized ruler to measure the percentage of all three individual separates. The kit also comes with a soil pH and texture instruction leaflet. 

About the pH papers:

This is not your ordinary pH paper.  Manufactured by Micro Essential Laboratory, the pH paper uses the same technology as the Hydrion® name, a healthcare industry standard known for pH strip quality, accuracy, and reliability. Micro Essential Laboratory, has been at the forefront of pH testing technology since 1934 and collaborated with Eli Lilly and Company in the development of the Eli Lilly product TES-TAPE® Glucose Enzymatic Test Strip, the leading test used by diabetics to measure glucose in urine for more than 30 years.

The pH test uses short-range pH papers that cover the pH range from acid (<7.0) to alkaline (>7.00), and around neutral pH (7.00). It provides accurate pH measurements at each .5 pH interval, within the range of 4.5 to 8.5. 

pH Quality Assurance:

The pH paper is a USA manufactured product guaranteed for quality and accuracy. Micro Essential Laboratory ensures accuracy by verifying the calibration of each lot of pH paper and color charts, analyzing and comparing them with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable standards and IUPAC reference materials. Micro Essential Laboratories provides Buffer Certification Sheets and Certificates of Traceability and Conformity for each lot of pH paper that is manufactured. These certificates are in an accessible Adobe Reader (.pdf) format that can be requested from R Squared Diagnostics.

Above information is courtesy of Micro Essential Laboratory, Inc.